Sound expert knowledge and personal commitment are at the heart of our high quality and comprehensive fiducicary services.

Irrespective of whether we are relieving, supporting or advising you, the importance of ensuring added value for our customers remains our chief priority.


  • Book-keeping for individual companies, partnerships and legal entities
  • Creation of VAT settlements
  • Preparation of interim and annual financial statements
  • Controlling and Reporting
  • External CFO

Payroll administration

  • Creation of payslips
  • Employee wage payments
  • Preparation of Social Insurance accounts
  • Preparation of salary statements
  • Advice on social insurance, pensions and employment law
  • Coordination and clarification with the social insurance agency and other authorities (compensation funds, insurances, withholding taxes, etc.)


Tax returns

  • Preparation of tax returns for private individuals and legal entities
  • Analysis and advice for tax optimisation
  • Annual automatic deadline extension for our existing clientele
  • Auditing projects for potential tax consequences
  • Tax representation

Value added tax / customs / fiscal represantion

  • Creation of VAT settlement
  • Advice on VAT methodology
  • Clarification of individual VAT issues for Switzerland and the European Union
  • Analysis of your current VAT status
  • VAT registration and cancellation
  • Identification and implementation of optimisation strategies
  • Regular monitoring of audit by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration and reviews of the implications for your business
  • Support for cross-border VAT and customs issues
  • Fiscal representation for foreign companies

Establishment / Restructuring / Audit

  • Company foundation/ incorporation (all legal forms)
  • Transformations of existing companies (eg EF in AG)
  • Consultation on legal forms, liabilities and taxes
  • Mergers, divisions and liquidations
  • Succession planning
  • Audit and statutory special audits

Domicile services

  • Domicile address: In order to register your company in Switzerland, you will need an address. We offer you the opportunity to register your company with us.
  • Mail: Your post can be forwarded to your desired address (worldwide).
  • Telephone number: We can provide you with a local telephone number.
  • Conditions for a domicile: The administration (accounting / VAT settlements / tax returns) will be handled by KMU Trexpert AG.

Benefits to you

  • Solutions are specially tailored to meet your needs
  • No additional staff required (eg book-keepers)
  • Avoid unnecessary investments in software
  • Exploit potential tax savings
  • Representation to authorities
  • Know-how and experience
  • Suggestions for tax-optimisation
  • Advice on national and international tax regulations
  • Good links with tax authorities and insurance companies

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    KMU Trexpert AG
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    Member: Dominik Tschochner
    Licenced Fiduciary Expert / Auditing expert
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    KMU Trexpert AG
    Stettbachstrasse 6
    CH-8600 Dübendorf

    +41 (0) 44 822 28 28


    Member: Dominik Tschochner
    Licenced Fiduciary Expert / Auditing expert
    Privacy Policy

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